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Spam Emails

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in companies contact website owners (including us) and telling them their websites are not ranking well or look terrible on mobile phones and tablets.

Here is one sent to one of our customers today:

Subject: claim your mobile website
Resent-From: “” <>
Resent-Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 02:00:30 GMT

Hi ,
Unlike the sites of some of your competitors, your website is NOT Mobile Friendly. I’ll be honest, the site looks terrible on a mobile phone as you can see on the left image here:

This is losing you money daily and causing your competition to get these clients.
Thousands of people in Sydney search for flooring companies from their mobile phones but it is hard for these potential clients to find your contact info on your site. Since your site is not mobile friendly, the stats show that approximately 40% of your visitors leave your site immediately and turn to one of your competitors.
I have a simple solution for you to easily start capturing these leads. Just ask yourself, how much is each one of these leads worth to you?
So, look at your new mobile website here: (We have removed this customers url identity)
For a better experience you can open the link above on your mobile phone.
Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about this solution.
Talk Soon,
Serge Babeshko
(02) 9119 6441


Now as you will see from the email return or senders address it has nothing to do with his company (alleged) Mobile Website Design. The customer of ours that this was sent to is in fact a Responsive Website, meaning it works across all browsers. All I can suggest to those of you that get emails from bottom dwellers like this is to reply via their website if they have one or the email they sent to you, then block them and report them to Google. Here is the Link to do so:,1115699


Or if you get SMAP emails like the above send a complaint with a copy of the email to:

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  • Website Design Camden
  • Website Design Campbelltown
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